ECG Screening and Surgical Monitoring

Bluetooth Enabled PC-Vet Gard+

The latest advancements in surgical monitoring incorporated in to a 19oz. monitor which transmits data real-time to your existing PC.  Record vitals and/or ECG for an automatic surgical record that exceeds AAHA standards.  Now available with NIBP, C02 and anesthetic gas agents for complete monitoring.  (Learn More)


Bluetooth Enabled PC-VetChek 
Bluetooth enabled for wireless transmission of real-time ECG data to your existing PC.  Records ECG episodes to a file for easy attachment into the patient record of your practice management (Learn More)

Bionet BM5

The BM5Vet boasts 2 IBP modules, 2 temperature modules and EtCO2 on top of ECG, respiration, NIBP and SpO2.  (Learn More)

Bionet BM3

Versatile, portable, and lightweight, the BM3Vet Next monitor is specially designed to be used in a veterinary environment.  (Learn More)

Bionet BM1

Compact and lightweight, the BM1Vet is the ideal portable. It features SpO2, NIBP, with optional temperature and EtCO2 with 4.3″ color TFT LCD.  (Learn More)

Masimo Rad-5

A fully-featured hand-held pulse oximeter with the accuracy and reliability of Masimo SET, perfect for both continuous monitoring and spot-check applications. (Learn More)

Televet 100

With traditional ECG systems the veterinarian has been limited to resting ECG. Now with the development of Televet the veterinarian is able to monitor the animal during its normal daily activities.. (Learn More)
Blood Pressure Screening and Monitoring
HDO Vet (High-Definition Oscillometry)
Running on a 32-bit processor with a algorithm developed specifically for small animals, the Memo Diagnostic provides reliable readings - accurate from 5-450mmHg (Learn More)


PetMAP Classic

Battery operated, palm sized oscillometric blood pressure unit for quick screening on awake small animal patients.  LED lights on the face of the sphygmomanometer provide results at a glance, as well as averages for several readings.  (Learn More)


PetMAP Graphic

Technologically advanced oscillometric BP measurement device designed for use in the broadest range of patient sizes and blood pressures (Learn More)


Vet-Dop Doppler II Blood Pressure System 

Doppler II blood pressure device for screening and monitoring in the exam room as well as during anesthetic procedures.  Includes demonstration video and padded carrying case for easy, safe portability.  (Learn More)

AccuGard Blood Pressure System 

Oscillometric blood pressure monitor. Includes built-in display and optional Bluetooth computer link..  (Learn More)

A sterile, absorbable hemostatic agent used for veterinary surgical procedures.(Learn More)


ChillBuster Patient Warming Blanket
The new ChillBuster® Vet Surgical System is a safe temperature controlled and stabilized source of warmth for pre-surgical, surgical and post-surgical care of animals. The system consists of a surgical warming blanket, warming cage mat and disposable covers to keep the surgical and recovery areas free of contamination.
(Learn More)


Small Animal Specific ECG Interpretation Software
Species-specific ECG Interpretation software for use with the PC-VetGard and PC-VetChek units.  One-touch e-mail for consultation and free updates are included.      (Learn More)


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